Make Money Easily with Our Affiliate Program!

What do I get Paid?

We pay you on 2 different tier levels!

  1. $10 Bonus just for signing up!
  2. 1st Tier: You get 50% commission for your direct sales referred
  3. 2nd Tier: AND you get 10% commission on commissions earned by your affiliates sales for anyone you had referred through your link that signs up as an affiliate
  4. Payouts once a month, minimum $50 earned commissions
  5. Payments send via paypal or check

Let me break this down for you:

    At a sale of $100, you will receive $50 commission at 50%. While you are sending traffic, others will sign up as affiliates and you will be able to see who you referred that signed up.
    If you had only 10 affiliates in your tier, each making only 25 sales a month each at $100 a sale, you will receive 10% of their commissions as a tier bonus.If they receive a $50 commission on a $100 sale, you receive $5 tier commission as well!

What Tools do you provide for me to help me earn more money?

We have paid extra to provide our affiliates with every tool under the sun to help you with your affiliate business in any way possible!

These tools include:

  • Full Featured Affiliate Strategy Tutorial Videos
  • Affiliate Tutorial Videos so you get the most out of our tools
  • Custom Tracking Links so you can track which efforts are paying off for you
  • 2 desktop applications to notify you immediately on every sale and direct access to your current statistics
  • Full range of Rich Media including banners, light boxes, page peels, and text links.
  • ..and much much more!

Please Read: We are only looking for affiliates serious in promoting our links. Do not sign up if your intentions are to get a discount by using your own link, sharing with a friend, or associate for a discounted rate. We used to be affiliates ourselves and know all the tricks and these types of self-discount commissions will be removed. In other words, if your first sale comes from your first hit, then you have no further hits these will be removed. This is an affiliate program, not a discount program. If this is your intention, please stop here.

If you are here to earn a lot of extra money with our program, you came to the right place! We have highly successful affiliates enjoying big commission checks! If you care to join them, then please continue ;)

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