Get Targeted Twitter Followers by Following Another User’s Followers

That was a mouth full to say!  Let me make sense of it…

An excellent way to find and follow twitter users interested in your niche, business, website, blog or service is to find a twitter user who has already done the work.  In other words, if I have a real estate blog or real estate related service, I would locate a twitter user that may have similar niche as myself, or maybe even a competitor.

Tweet Adder Software has the functionality to import and automatically follow followers of another twitter user.

following another twitter users followers

Where else can you go into a room of people already interested in you, or find all of your competitors clients?

Here are simple twitter tips on how to best accomplish your goal of following the twitter users most likely to follow you back.

  • Determine the interests a user must posses. ie ( real estate investing, affiliate marketing, dog lover)
  • Think of different variables of these keyword phrase to look up
  • Look up the keywords in Twitter Directory Sites such as
  • Look by category, keyword, and location in
  • The results will be in descending order from most followers down
  • Read the Bios to find your match
  • Ask would someone following them be interested in me
  • Copy and paste the username into Tweet Adder
  • Hit Search
  • Tweet Adder will import all the followers following the user
  • Hit Add Follows and watch her fly

It’s that easy!

Follow Users that Another User is Following

Same concept, except in the reverse.

If you want to follow another users followers, simply find the twitter username and tell the Tweet Adder Software to search.  All the twitter users being followed will be imported into the program primed and ready to be followed.

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