TweetAdder 4.0.140115 released 1-15-2014

TweetAdder 4.0.140115

  • Quick update to fix issues with oAuth login (caused by changes Twitter made yesterday)
  • We’ve been working hard on many new features and fixes that will be available soon. We just wanted to go ahead with this small update because some users cannot currently login.

TweetAdder got featured in Forbes Magazine

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TweetAdder 4.0.130805 Released August 5, 2013

TweetAdder 4.0.13080

  • Fixed crashing issues that were affecting some users
  • Fixed issue with auto-followback still happening for some users.

Download at

TweetAdder 4.0.130703 Released July 3, 2013

  • -Performance improvements for https requests / api calls.
  • -Database optimizatios
  • -Added delay to loading profile images when following/unfollowing/etc to improve performance
  • -Profile images are now disabled by default when new users are added
  • -You will now only get a message box if there is an error following a user if you have reached a rate limit.
  • -Fixed issue with follow back list not exporting
  • -Fixed issue with Followers search stopping after 100 if you have previously stopped a Followers Search.
  • -Fixed issues with getting stuck trying to follow back a user that no longer exists.
  • -Added optimizations to reduce window flash, especially in Windows
  • -Fixed issue with incorrect rate limit error message sometimes showing when Twitter was over capacity.
  • -Added additional languages to searches and filters
  • -Added buttons to clear the white & black lists.
  • -Added feature to export unfollow lists


TweetAdder 4.0.130601, June 1, 2013

  • Fixed freezing/crashing issue some users were having when following/unfollowing/blocking users
  • Fixed freezing/crashing issue some users were having with Follow Later list, Blacklist, and Whitelist
  • Fixed issue with UnFollow lists not populating for some users
  • Greatly improved location search – now works in many more areas around the world.
  • Added right click menu to visit URLs in Tweets
  • @Replies are no longer ReTweeted
  • Many other minor bug fixes and improvements.

Download at

TweetAdder 4.0.130523 May 23, 2013

  • Fixed issue that was causing a freeze for some users when loading the Follow Later list
  • Fixed issue that was sometimes causing crashes when removing users from lists
  • Fixed issue that was causing crashes for some users when following, unfollowing, loading followers, etc.
  • Improved Twitter username validation to prevent errors
  • Followers list will now ghost out the Follow Back button if you are already following the user
  • Followers list will now ghost out the Black List button if the user is already on the Black List
  • Friends list will now ghost out the UnFollow and Whitelist buttons if the user is already on your Whitelist

Download at

TweetAdder 4.0.130521 Released May 21, 2013

  • Fixed issue with Tweets and DMs with a tilde “~” not properly posting
  • Fixed issue with some users not showing up on follow back list
  • Added option to check for update File > Check for Update
  • Modified Thank You DMs so that they will now be sent to anyone who has followed you within the last 24 hours instead of only the last follower. This will prevent you from missing messages if you get multiple follows in a short period of time and enable you to send DMs to users who followed you while TweetAdder was not running.
  • Fixed bug causing DMs to display “@none” in the Activity Log.
  • Fixed issue with accounts with 0 followers or 0 friends not working correctly.
  • Added daily count of unfollows to the overview screen
  • Added ability to sort search results by location
  • Added notice to Follow Back List of how many followers are not shown due to being previously unfollowed, blacklisted, or otherwise followed in the past.
  • Added database optimizations which may help prevent certain freezing issues.

TweetAdder 4.0.130510 May 10, 2013

-Fixed freezing issue that was happening when viewing lists with “Show Twitter Profile Icons” enabled.

-If you attempt to follow a user from the Follow Later list, and it fails because they have been suspended, they are now removed from your Follow Later list

-Database optimizations to improve stability and performance.

-Automatically increases the load followers/following delay for large accounts.

TweetAdder 4.0.130506 May 6, 2013

  • Fixed issue with loading accounts with a large number of followers/following by adding a time delay after Twitter rate limit is reached
  • Performed several database optimizations to fix slowness and freezing issues – especially with the Follow Later list
  • Added ability to choose whether to load profile data of Following/Followers when logging in (on user settings screen)  This option will be useful in speeding up the login of large accounts, as well as users who have multiple accounts.
  • Added ability to choose how frequent to update user profile data (on user settings screen)
  • Fixed issue with some users not being removed from Follow Later list after following them
  • Fixed issues with some RSS items not being Tweeted
  • Added Optimized Database button to the Manage Users screen – this will optimize and reduce the size of the selected user’s database.
  • Fixed ratelimit issue with Follow Back
  • Fixed error message for bad proxies.  NOTE:  Most private proxies we have tested are working, but a few are not.  We are working to determine if these proxies are incompatible with the Twitter API, or if there is something we can do to fix this issue.
  • Fixed issue with “Bad auth data” error happening every login attempt after an initial login failure.
  • Users on friends list now have the UnFollow button disabled if they are on the Whitelist

TweetAdder 4.0 130430 April 30, 2013

  • Fixed issue with private (authenticated) proxies not working
  • Fixed issue with “Unfollowed Me” displaying users who are currently following you in some cases
  • Fixed various issues with oAuth
  • Added option to login to oAuth using default browser
  • Fixed issue with follow back on the overview screen showing incorrect values
  • Automatically remove users from Follow Later List if you are already following them
  • Fixed issue with users not being permanently removed from Follow Later List after following them
  • Users followed from Follow Later List now correctly say “Follow” instead of “Follow Back” in Activity Log
  • Users Followed back now correctly say “Follow Back” instead of “Follow” in Activity Log
  • Added context menu to overview screen
  • Improved the Import file selection dialogs so that you can select .txt or .csv files.
  • Added message popup when a follow fails due to Twitter follow limits.
  • Fixed issues with Followers search & Following search sometimes not ending properly & displaying a loop of messages if the rate limit is reached
  • Fixed issue with attempting to follow back users who you have already followed, who have not accepted the follow (private accounts)
  • Fixed crash issue with location search when Twitter returns a location name, and doesn’t provide coordinates.
Download 4.0 Here: